Wake Up to Your Life - Monthly Practice & Study Group

A path of practice - from start to finish, one step at a time

Date - WEDNESDAY EVENINGS – once per month

Note: The first meeting is Wednesday, January 13, from 6:30 to 9:00 PM. 

Then, we’ll meet the second Wednesday of each month thereafter,

from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, until we’ve finished half the book.

At that point, the group will decide if it wishes to complete the book.

Please order the book in advance. It's not available in digital format.

Available used. 

Tuition: sliding scale, $0 - $130, by PayPal

TO REGISTER please email Jenny
Led by - Lama Lekshe

Description - Have you ever longed to study and practice Buddhism in an orderly progression? Would it help you to hear the concepts, principles and practices of Tibetan Buddhism expressed in standard English, with modern references and stories? At students’ request, we’ll be making our way in a leisurely fashion through the first half of Ken McLeod’s book, Wake Up to Your Life.
Ken wrote, “To wake up is hard. We must first realize that we are asleep. Next we need to identify what keeps us asleep, start to take it apart, and keep working at dismantling it until it no longer functions. As soon as we make an effort to wake up, we start opening up to how things are. We experience what we have suppressed or avoided and what we have ignored or overlooked. When that happens, the reactive patterns that run our lives, kept us in confusion, distorted our feelings, and caused us to ignore what is right in front of us are triggered.  They rise up strongly to undermine the attention that is bringing us into a deeper relationship with what we are and what we experience. When we can see those patterns and everything that is constructed out of them as the movement of the mind and nothing else, we begin to wake up.”
This class will point you towards waking up through the creation of a well-formed, gently disciplined practice. We’ll support each other in developing a strong but workable daily practice that includes view, meditation and action. We’ll talk honestly about what works and what needs work in our efforts to use this precious human life to benefit ourselves and others. Each week, you’ll get a clear practice assignment, designed for real people with jobs, families and friends in a challenging society. Accountability will become your friend. Beginners are welcome. Intermediate students will find enrichment. All are welcome.
Dekeling will also produce a free Wisdom and Compassion podcast each week after class, to help support your practice. The podcast will be available online.

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