The Kalama Sutra - short class

Date - Friday, November 6th

7:00 – 9 :00 PM on Zoom

Due to a family emergency, this class is  postponed

Stay tuned for when it will be offered in the future.

Tuition: sliding scale, $0 - $60, by PayPal

Led by - Lama Lekshe

Format - Zoom meeting. 2 hours commentary on the teaching, followed by discussion. We’ll give you a PDF of the sutra when you register.
Description - Once when the Buddha was wandering in the countryside with a large community of monks, he entered a town of the Kalama people. The Kamalas heard he was worthy in deeds and words, a teacher of human and divine beings through understanding gained by his own direct experience. Everyone agreed he was greatly awakened, and generous in sharing what he knew, if requested to do so.
The people told Buddha that so many people visited their village, expounding their various doctrines, while disparaging the doctrines of others. They said, “As a result we are in doubt about the teachings of all of them. Which spoke the truth and which falsehood?"                         

The Buddha then advised them on how to discern among teachings and practice advice in this short and accessible sutra.

How do you know what and who to believe?

Buddhist Monk Meditating