Zooming to Help Seniors

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

This is my aunt Bobbi. She is over 80 and is sheltering in place in Oregon. I taught her how to use Zoom so she could stay in touch with friends and family, because it's lonely to be home without social contact. It could even be deadly, right? Think about it.

Now she is feeling confident enough to teach her real estate class on Zoom next week. Wow!

I thought about how important it is for this high risk group to be connected - and potentially how hard it can be for them to learn new software, unassisted. So I went onto Facebook and offered a free one-on-one training for anyone over 65 to learn Zoom. I set a goal of connecting 10 seniors with friends & family by the weekend.

Others responded saying they could help. To date, a dozen people have been connected. One friend wrote to say he had done an additional 20 or so. We now have volunteers in the East, and several in the West and mid-West, so the offer still stands. Thank you to all who volunteered! That's the spirit! Let's spread this love faster than the Corona Virus!

If someone could continue this work, I'd be delighted. My next job is to order a laptop for my mother, Pat, who is 83. I'll set it up and ship it to her and then my niece will teach her how to Zoom, so she can stay in touch with family. We miss her!

Reach out. Buddhism teaches us that the removal of fear is one of the greatest gifts possible.

Being able to contact even one other person is a great gift. I know that not everyone is fortunate enough to have access to a computer...so failing that, please call. If calling is not possible, please pray. If you'd like me to add someone to the Dekeling prayer list, let me know.

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