Tired of being at home?
Here's a book for that! 

Here's a new book for all our younger friends who are tired of being at home. Have fun! 

10 Meditation for Kids

If kids meditate, they need short, authentic practices that build good life-long habits.


These meditations encourage relaxation, stability of attention and curiosity. 

A Natural Girl
A Free Book of 52 Mindfulness Exercises for Families

About 10 years BC (before Covid) I was visiting the monastery where I live now.


They were teaching a lot of mindfulness practices, [which later became two books that you can buy here] and I went home and made these and other practices into a booklet for families that included 52 practices that the whole family can do! They are meant for beginners.


Please download this wonderful old booklet. The practices are still fun and relevant. {Do note that the email address on the cover is not my email address anymore. It's now this.]