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What do the services of Dekeling cost? 

​One-on-one meetings are free, or by offering. ​Our group meditations are free. We charge for retreats and other events because it costs us to offer them. If you'd like more events to be free, please consider sponsoring others' participation. 

Where is Dekeling?

The location of retreats and other events are shared at the time of registration. See our Events page for the location of our Portland-area meditation groups. We do our best to be wherever you need us. 

Are all the teachings at Dekeling about Tibetan Buddhism?

No. We also offer events to help you learn skills to lead a life based on practice, including conflict resolution and many communication skills. 

Can I suggest a class or event? 

Sure! We love to collaborate. Email us

Is Dekeling a non-profit?

Yes. Dekeling is a 501 (c)(3). This means any contribution you make is tax deductible.

This includes gifts such as cars, art and property of all kinds. 


What if I don't know anything at all about meditation or Buddhism?

No problem! Just email us for a first meeting and we'll start from scratch. Don't be shy!


Will Lama Lekshe come to other places to teach? 

She does travel to teach! To make an invitation, email us


 I have a question not answered here.

Contact us. We love to answer your questions.