In Tibetan, Dekeling (day-kay-ling) means 'a place of happiness'.


A place of ease and joy is our natural home. But over time, we forget how to reconnect to that place, let alone how to live there. The daily stress of life impacts our well-being and we in turn, impact others, spreading confusion and suffering. We disconnect from our direct experience--our bodies, our feelings and the people we want to love. Trying to accomplish our own happiness, we often increase the suffering of ourselves and others.

We're living life, but we're missing it, too. What to do? 


At Dekeling, using simple one-on-one guidance, meditation, study and events, you'll learn to work skillfully with the natural suffering and confusion of life, and to expand your capacity for love. Together, we'll cultivate basic sanity, kindness, and compassion. Your everyday life will become your path to awakening. 

We aim to be relaxed, welcoming and realistic about the challenges of being a spiritual seeker in the modern world. Together, we leverage the power of clarity and compassion as radical acts of change; starting with our own hearts and minds.


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