Seven Points of Mind Training

October 3 & 10 - Saturday mornings
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM, via Zoom

TUITION - offer what you can, sliding scale, $0 - $130
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An entire path of awakening expressed in less than 100 sentences. Is this possible? It IS! 

The ancient teachings on training the mind/heart—lojong—give specific instructions on how to awaken wisdom and compassion in daily life.

In two Saturday sessions—each lasting from 9 AM to noon—we'll cover the entire system of training. This morning-to-noon format leaves your Saturday afternoons free for other activities. Lojong practice is highly accessible, even to beginners, but also is sufficiently rich to be a productive life-long practice. 

[Later, in January, we'll start a twice-monthly weeknight study/practice group for those who wish to cover each instruction in more depth, one-by-one. Dekeling will also offer a half-day tonglen practice session, as well. All of these offerings will be enriched with podcasts and optional readings. This is an unusual opportunity to receive such concentrated support for a practice in a single calendar year.]

The lojong teachings include instruction in

  • formless meditation

  • the practice of “sending and taking” [tonglen]

  • practices to be integrated into daily life. 


Most people who take up lojong practice simply choose one instruction at a time, write it out on a 3x5 card, and then practice it throughout the days as they go about their business. It's delightfully simple, yet highly effective. When they feel ready to move on, they choose a new instruction. In this way, you can practice at your own pace, on the practice points that seem most relevant to your life at the moment. This is a profound system of practice that delivers insight and progress as much today as it did when it appeared in the tenth century. Readings, handouts, individual help and podcasts available to registered students. Register soon, space will be limited. 

As always, no one turned away for lack of funds. See you in class!
Lama Lekshe

A Concise Introduction to a Profound Method of Awakening